20+ years of development experience, spanning the full stack, but particularly extensive on the client - since before it was cool.

Expertise in the popular technologies like:

and some esoteric specialties including:

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer


Toronto, on2015 - 2021

Wrote visuals for Power BI's Core Visuals team using D3.js.

Wrote client controls for Power Apps' & Dynamics CRM's Core Controls team using React.

Specialized in solving difficult ingrained bugs that had persisted for years.

Acted as the final level of emergency support for Microsoft's enterprise customers.

Took part in the coding excellence committee and devised a system to identify and remove dead code from Dynamics CRM's gargantuan code base.

Interviewed software engineering applicants.

Web Developer



Toronto, on2013 - 2015

Re-architected cibc.com's JavaScript components such as promo banners and mortgage calculators.

Prototyped a redesign of cibc.com to make it responsive.

Developed interactive credit card application forms.

Introduced automation to daily website updates, eliminating monotonous and error-prone tasks.

Wrote a Node.js + MySQL tool to identify obsolete files on the web server by converting an earlier failed attempt from O(n2) to O(n).

JavaScript Developer


Solutions 360

Newmarket, on2012 - 2013

Worked on taking the business process management software from Windows to the web, providing a modularized and customizable interface that adjusts to the platform.

Development Lead


Toronto, on2009 - 2012

Headed the PHP shop's expansion into .NET.

Managed all aspects of work from meeting with customers, to coding and supervising other developers, and maintenance and system administration of websites.

Customers included corporations like Fidelity and Citizen, and various Canadian governmental organizations.

Senior Developer

ComponentArt(now part of Microsoft)

Toronto, on2002 - 2009

Handled product management and lead development roles for ten ASP.NET web controls like Calendar, ToolBar, and the flagship Pop-up Menu.

Independently invented several fundamental "Web 2.0" technologies like:

Technical Consultant

Bowstreet(now part of IBM)

Boston, ma2000 - 2001

Went to Cisco, GE, Sun, AIG, and DuPont to develop web portals for them.

Formal Education

Bachelor of Mathematics/Computer Science

University of Waterloo

Waterloo, on2000

Graduated Cum Laude from the advanced curriculum program.

During co-op work terms wrote SQL Windows apps and optimized an Oracle database for Hiram Walker, and architected a Lotus Notes database for Manulife Financial.